Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bharathiar on o d i and dhoni

Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinilae            ball hit by misbah to the sky in T 20 match
chaera nannaattilam pengaludanae        caught by sreesanth baharathiar doesnt like men crying so pengal
sundharath thelunginil paattisaiththu       batting by v v s lakshman
thoanigal oatti vilaiyaadi varuvoam        dhoni to play o d i

gangai nadhippuraththu goadhumaip pandam  delhi dARE DEVILS TO PLAY against
kaaviri vetrilaikku maarukolluvoam                 royal challengers bangalore
singa maraattiyartham kavidhaikondu             harbhajan singh of mumbai indians to
saeraththu thandhangal parisalippoam            play kochi tuskers

singalath theevinukkoar paalamamaippoam   bring srilankan players to play
saedhuvai maeduduththi veedhi samaippoam bridging india and srilanka
vangaththil oadi varum neerin migaiyaal          kolkata night riders to play o d i
vaiyaththu naadugalil payir seyyuvoam           international players participate

(sindhu nadhi)