Monday, August 9, 2010


The oil spill from Panamanian ship MSC Chitra, which ran aground off Mumbai harbour after Saturday’s collision with another vessel, has stopped, the Coast Guard said today.

“The leakage of oil from the ship has stopped on its own,” S.P.S. Basra, IG Coast Guard (Western Region) told PTI.

“It is observed that in the last six hours, the fuel from the ship tank has stopped coming out. So, it is a relief kind of a thing,” Mr. Basra said.

Oil was leaking from two of the 12 tanks of the vessel which had got damaged due to the collision. The two tanks could together hold 879 tonnes of oil, sources in the Coast Guard said.

The MSC Chitra and Khalijia had collided on Saturday at the mouth of the Mumbai Harbour. The Khalijia had been at the harbour for over a fortnight for repair work when the collision took place.

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